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Your Health & Safety is our Priority

Let’s Pretend Parties COVID-19 Memo - Update (7/22) - All our locations are open!

Your Health & Safety is our Priority and safety for you, our guests and staff is top priority.  We are closely monitoring the latest developments related to COVID-19 (coronavirus).  


All our locations are open!  Our boutique and services (tea parties, birthday parties and camps) are open.  We are and will continue to closely follow the guidance from the CDC and state of Texas, when it comes to health and safety measures.  

These are our safety guidelines to proactively do our best to keep you our guest, staff and environment safe and healthy.

Guidelines for our friendly staff, royal assistants and princesses:


  • Staff members can wear masks upon request.


  • Every staff member will confirm they do NOT have a temperature over 100.3 and will not come to work if feeling sick or having been exposed to COVID-19


  • Every staff member will wash and/or sanitize their hands multiple times a day and will be required to wash hands before and after all tea parties, birthday parties and working with guests


  • Plastic gloves will always be worn when serving food or drink


  • We will all respectfully follow and recommend our guests follow all CDC, County, City and Mall health and safety guidelines

Guidelines for our store and party room:


  • We are taking care in providing a sanitized and clean space. We have thorough cleaning guidelines after every party and clean the entire space peridically.  We also clean and sanitize at the end of each day.


  • Cleaning guidelines include the following:

    • Wiping & cleaning all tables, chairs, counter tops, doors and anything adults or children touch

    • We deep clean all dishes with hot soapy water

    • We sanitize all kitchen equipment

Guidelines for keeping our children and adult guests safe:


  • We encourage kids to wash or sanitize their hands for 2 “happy birthday counts” before tea parties start


  • Adults are encouraged to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer for 2 “happy birthday counts” as well when entering the party room


  • Hand sanitizer is available in the party room for birthday parties and tea parties.

  • We have non-touch thermometers available upon request to double check temperatures is requested.

  • We don't require children to wear masks, however if parents would like them to wear a mask, parents must provide it.

  • Kids will be asked to wash hands before and after eating and we will have hand sanitizer available

  • When confirming birthday parties and tea parties, we will request that any children or adults feeling ill stay home and encourage temperature checking before coming.  Additionally, we encourage the birthday party families to please ensure their children and adults guests do not feel sick or have a temperature before coming to the party


  • We will wash each princess dress after each wear


  • We NEVER double dip our lip gloss, glitter, eye shadow, face makeup or lipstick and always use Q-tips to apply


  • We will follow occupancy requirements set by health and government officials

We would love to see you come out and support our small local business.  Please remember to keep clean hands and we recommend wearing a mask or face covering while visiting our stores.  If you are sick or feel sick, please stay home.  We are here and have huge smiles as we are eager to enjoy the celebrations of our children and help our littles find the perfect new outfit!  

We thank you for your trust and helping ensure your precious children safely experience special moments in their lives.

Thank you,

Let’s Pretend Parties

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